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Beat Winter Weather Before It Happens

The fall marks a season of change, with leaves in different colors ending up in piles all over the place.  The weather cools, wardrobes shift to accommodate, and cars are often prepped to prepare for the oncoming cold and possible snow.  Roofing is highly vulnerable to the winter as it approaches and isn’t always considered during this transitional period; however, it is extremely important and often a matter of safety.

Roof Maintenance That Can Save You a Headache

Snow is obviously more problematic as it can cause issues as both a solid and a liquid.  Many people don’t want to think about the possibility of winter weather until it’s past the time for adequate preparation.  For example, turning on the heat inside the house only after the temperature has dropped way, way down.  By waiting to warm up the home, however, the cold has already had time to seep into the walls, insulation, and roof and settle there, making it much more difficult to keep the temperature you might like without jacking up the utilities bill.

Another way to prep for the cold is to make sure there is adequate insulation, particularly in the attic, so that there is a good barrier between the winter and the inside.  High-priced bills aside, having lacking or older insulation can result in weather damage, in leaks, frozen pipes, and other issues that can arise from exposure to the elements.  Taking the time to check on your insulation situation in the fall so you have less of a potential headache in later months.

If you can do so safely, check for any tile or surface damage on the roof.  A few broken pieces may lead to some of the hazards above and will only worsen as the seasons change.  Surveying you roof will not be an option later on as ice and snow will make a trip up the ladder much more dangerous; in the case that you need your roof examined but have waited too long, always contact the professionals who can more adeptly handle inclement conditions.  If there is more than a little damage, a new roof should be considered, particularly if it has been around for 20+ years.

Winter weather conjures images of icicles hanging from the house, and on the edges of the roof and the gutters, particularly.  The gutters have a lot to handle throughout this season as the snow piles on, melts, and forms excessive, watery runoff.  If the snow has piled onto nearby trees and broken branches, big or small, they can also add to the debris.  Adding gutter and/or snow guards can lessen the amount of potential hassle in cleaning through the gutters (though this should be checked anyway for buildup that has slipped through the cracks).

Before making any roofing decision and as an alternative to undertaking projects personally, roofing professionals can handle whatever the weather throws your way.  For advice, services, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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