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What to do if a Tree Falls on Your House

A tree falling during a storm, or a tree falling due to a disease, is a scary experience. If a tree falls on your house it can be dangerous to the occupants of the house and will likely damage your home. Do you know what to do if a tree falls on your house? Keep reading for a breakdown of the steps you should take. A quick action plan can help to mitigate the dangers for your home and your family.

Steps to Take After the Tree Falls

The first thing you should do is remove your family and pets from the home. A tree falling onto your house has a high chance of causing structural damage, and it would not be safe to stay in the house.

Second, if your home no longer has power, you should call the authorities and the electric company immediately. If the power is out in your house, there is a good chance the tree took down power lines with it. Fallen power lines need to be attended to as soon as possible as they can cause electrical fires or deadly electric shocks. An electric company will send out a technician to fix the power lines. Law enforcement may be needed to block off the area to ensure no one is injured.

If your roof has visible damage, such as a hole, cover the hole if possible. Covering the hole can prevent further damage such as rain falling into your home causing water damage and mold, or animals infiltrating into your home. Finally, take plenty of pictures of the damage done to your roof and home for the insurance company. The pictures will assist you later when you are submitting an insurance claim.

You will need to identify if you need a new roof or some roof repair. If the tree has caused visible damage (holes, missing tiles, and broken pipes), you will likely need a new roof. Be sure to call a reputable roofer to get a fair estimate. For residential roofing in Baltimore, Cox Roofing is an excellent choice. If you aren’t sure if you need a new roof or a roof repair, Cox Roofing provides free roof inspections and estimates. Contact Cox Roofing to inspect your home for the sake of your home and family’s safety.

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