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Shingle Maintenance to Ensure a Sturdy Roof

A leaky roof starts as a damp inconvenience but can lead to a costly repair. A poorly-maintained roof may not show obvious signs of leaks or weaknesses until there’s a partial collapse. Preventative maintenance, including shingle maintenance, is the best way to ensure that your home is protected by a sturdy roof. Especially after a heavy summer storm, it’s critical to perform periodic preventative maintenance on your roof.

Shingle Maintenance

A roofing company can help with damaged tiles by patching or replacing the tar and shingles. However, as a homeowner, you have responsibility for the general upkeep of your roof. A little attention keeps your roof shingles looking good and performing well. It’s important to remove leaves, branches, moss, and algae from your roof on a regular basis. This keeps the covering of asphalt shingles from deteriorating. Roof flashing should also be inspected periodically to ensure it is in good condition and free of debris. Check shingles to ensure none are damaged, loose, or missing. Pay attention not only to shingles and flashing but other key components, such as eaves-troughs, and ventilation.

Choose Cox Roofing

If you have significant damage to your shingles or require shingle maintenance, a preferred roofing company serving Pasadena can help. The summers are long and hot in Maryland. Days of hot sun or heavy storms can lead to roof damage. Your roof shingles can deteriorate. Preventative maintenance, shingle replacement, and professionally applied coating to your roof can result in long-lasting durability and protection for your home. Visit Cox Roofing online for a custom quote, and browse our testimonials from happy homeowners and completed projects. We can even help your home be more energy efficient with advanced sealant and sun-reflecting materials. There is no reason to allow a leak to happen when you can easily prevent it with proper maintenance. We fully stand behind our work and pride ourselves on your overall satisfaction.

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