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Roof Shingles Shedding Could Mean Big Problems

One of the things that homeowners can look for to determine the condition of their asphalt roof shingles is the amount of granule loss from individual shingles. Granules are the small pebbles that adhere to the exterior of your shingles. Typically, these embedded pebbles may loosen a bit during shipment and installation—why part of the clean up from a newly shingled roof should include gutter cleaning. Over time the loss of granules may indicate that there is damage to the roof itself.

Granule Loss on Roof Shingles

Uniform granule loss is considered normal wear and tear of an asphalt roof. Over time granules will loosen and brush off, and how quickly this happens depends on the climate and weather of your area. Uniform weathering is simply part of a roof’s aging process. Under typical conditions, asphalt shingles will retain an adequate amount of granules for approximately 10 years.

Premature granule loss may occur under extreme temperatures. Excessive heat can cause the granules to loosen more rapidly, as can strong summer hail storms. Regularly check your southerly and westerly facing roof slopes for any maintenance needs. These sides of your roof tend to receive more precipitation and heat exposure than the other two sides.

Batch issues occurring with roof shingles will show excessive granule loss. If you suspect that you have a bad batch of shingles from installation, then you will see excessive granule loss all over the roof versus one or two specific areas. The distinguishing characteristic indicating batch problems in strip shingles is the pattern of deterioration. It follows the offset pattern of installation.

Have Your Roof Shingles Assessed

Excessive granule loss can cause blistering of the asphalt roof shingles. This in turn affects your roof’s ability to properly shield the underlying wood of your roof from potential leaks and warping. Homeowners should spot check their roof for patches of granule loss after a heavy storm or at the end of summer.

For a professional assessment of the condition of your roof, contact a licensed expert. If you notice an abnormally large amount of granule off your roof shingles, then it might be time to have your roof inspected by Cox Roofing, a certified roofing company in Ellicott City, MD.

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