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Roofing Dangers Apply to Experts and Novices

If you work within the roofing industry, you likely know a lot about roofing safety and how to avoid accidents and bodily harm while up on the roof.  If you are a “layperson” in terms of this industry, you may not realize all of the potential hazards before you climb up to take a look, or do some work yourself, up on top of your home.  To avoid roofing dangers, read through the following, and if you want to be on the safe side, hire an expert instead.

Avoid Roofing Dangers with Simple Precautions

You may be able to guess what some of the biggest rooftop dangers are, but do some research into all  of the potential hazards that you may encounter.  Some of the most “obvious” are the security and placement of your ladder and the weather conditions: if you can’t safely get on and off of the roof, you’re in trouble, and if there are extreme or even moderate weather conditions, you’re in danger of slipping and falling.  Heat may also make it impossible for you to touch the surface while cold may make the shingles icy and perilous.

“Is the roof strong enough to support the weight of a human?”  You may not know just by looking at it and guessing.  Consider the age of the roof, your weight, and the materials that cover the surface before climbing on.  This is another aspect affected by the weather, given that heat may change somewhat the “bow” of the roof, again, depending on the material.

You may not realize that there are holes on your roof until you go up and (hopefully not) fall through one.  Regular maintenance can prevent such roofing dangers and keep you from crashing through into the attic and risking a similar injury to falling from the side.  Speaking of, make sure to always be aware of where the edges are so that you don’t absent-mindedly get too close and get hurt.

How much experience doing work up on top of the house do you have?  If the answer is “none,” or close to it, then you shouldn’t really be up there.  Don’t risk your welfare or that of others by trying to do it all yourself.  If you have more experience, ensure that your equipment and tools are all used or secured properly.  If you want to avoid these and other roofing dangers but still need work done, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.  Our experts can assess your needs and address possible concerns in no time at all.

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