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Drones for Roofing Increase Safety

Ever considered the key role of drones for roofing lately? Probably not. Drones, which were invented for military purposes, have become civilian toys, providing an up-in-the-air view for anyone who makes the purchase. They can be used practically, of course, and in this case they are an often-overlooked, but excellent resource for roofing contractors on the job.

The Modern World of Drones for Roofing

So, what can these little crafts do to aid in rooftop work? Consider that drones can go up where people can’t, or where they can’t go as safely as a company might like. Additionally, they can give more accurate estimates by traveling to those areas and assessing the situation from above. They usually have some kind of camera, typically of a good quality, and can therefore bring back photos or video footage of any damage or just of the unreachable parts of the roof.

Along the lines of safety, sending a drone to do the work of a person saves a lot. Not only does it prevent the loss of life and limb by keeping the worker safe on the ground, but it also saves the time that it would take to safely secure the worker’s equipment. A drone can fly up and around in no time and the worst thing that could happen is that it malfunctions, falls, or bumps into something, which is much less of a cost than if something were to happen to a human contractor.

Though it wouldn’t be ideal to have to replace a broken drone, purchasing them isn’t very expensive to begin with. Many come “in at $1,000 or less,” which as a business expense, and for everything that they can accomplish, isn’t much at all. The more pressing cost to consider is that of time, considering the training that is needed to gain a mastery of flying a drone. Even so, there are some that can pilot themselves automatically based on computer data, so even this “concern” isn’t very concerning.

Drones are fun and can be used to great success in roofing work, but be careful to learn up about how to use them properly and within the law. Most states have governing laws about where and how a drone can fly, so don’t put yourself into a position where you’ll be facing legal charges as a result. Shop around for different models if you decide to explore this modern world of drones for roofing, and if you need additional, professional help, then get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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