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Tips For Remodeling Your Roof

Tips When Remodeling Your Roof - Cox RoofingRemodeling your roof is a hefty home improvement project, as it will be costly and a decision not to make lightly. There are many things to take into consideration when remodeling your roof – what style you want and what material, just to name a few. Being fully prepared will help you during this home improvement project.

Remodeling your roof adds value to your home.

While undergoing a full roof remodel might seem costly upfront, you are really adding value to your home. One of the main things buyers want to know is when your last roof maintenance was and the lifespan of the current roof. A fresh and stylish roof will be a great selling point.

5 Tips For Remodeling Your Roof

  1. Know your roofing contractor. Make sure that your contractor is licensed and insured. Check your contractor’s ratings online (if applicable) and make sure they have a permanent place of business, tax ID and working phone number. While it might be tempting to go with a cheaper, less professional contractor, you will end up paying for it in quality and could risk liability of on-site accidents.
  2. Understand the building codes. Some areas allow two layers of roofing material per roof, any additional layers must be ripped off before the new roof is installed. Also, be alert to any community HOA rules and building violations.
  3. Request a detailed proposal – get it in writing. Your contractor should give you a detailed proposal in writing. Included in the proposal will be types of materials used, cost, scope of work, and an estimated timeline.
  4. Be aware of fire safety. Do you love the look of wooden roof shingles, but are concerned with fire safety? Most companies offer fire-resistant “wood shingles or metal and synthetic products that mimic the look.” Whatever style you choose, make sure that you home can “bear the additional weight” of any building materials.
  5. Don’t forget about ventilation. Attic ventilation is crucial to ensuring that your roof lasts. Locations’ ventilation requirements vary, but “the National Roofing Contractors Association generally recommends a minimum of 1 square foot of free vent area for each 150 square feet of attic floor.”

Going into a roof remodeling project prepared will ensure that you get the roof you are looking for from a contractor that you can trust. For more information on remodeling your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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