The Benefits of Asphalt Roofs

When considering commercial roofing options, there are a number of factors to take into account.  Some of them should be “durability and longevity of materials and components, redundancy of waterproofing, ease and understanding of installation, excellent tensile strength and impact resistance. Each of these characteristics helps ensure long-term performance.”  One choice that has exemplified all of these factors for a very long time is asphalt.

Asphalt Roofs and Durability

Though asphalt is more often associated with driveways, asphalt roofs have been used frequently in the past century as the choice in commercial roofing.  There is a kind of uniformity to these sheets that contributes to their great effectiveness, desirability as a roofing surface, and continued use throughout time.  “Asphalt is a durable and long-lasting material for roof membranes and flashings. Asphalt is stable under significant temperature swings and can be highly impact resistant. Various reinforcements can be used to increase an asphaltic membrane’s durability. All asphaltic membranes are reinforced, during installation (BUR) or the manufacturing process (MB membranes).”

Asphalt roofs’ membrane temperature can be adjusted so that their lifetime can be extended.  Adding gravel as a cover to absorb heat or using reflective granules can help to reduce the strain of temperature.  The fact that simple additions can greatly contribute to the longevity of these durable roofs only speaks to the benefits of using asphalt, a choice which already is cost-effective and dependable.  This material is also versatile and can be adapted to meet particular details that may be wanted or needed, such as mechanical supports and other protuberances.

Successful installation of asphalt roofs isn’t the last step in the process; proper maintenance needs to be undertaken to make sure that there are no major (or minor) repairs that need to be done and, if there are such issues, to see that they are addressed.  Asphalt roofs have a long service life which can be easily increased if the owner and contractor keep in contact and see to any changes that need to be made (particularly after major weather events).  This commercial choice has dozens of positive aspects and few negatives, requiring just some regular check-ups by the proprietor to ensure that it lasts well through its intend life.  “Thanks to the addition of polymers that add stretch and strength, contractors can now apply low-slope asphalt-based roof systems in a variety of ways—hot asphalt, cold adhesive, torch- or heat-welded, or self-adhered— to meet any low-slope roofing project’s needs. Today’s asphalt roofing products are beautiful, affordable, reliable and are trusted to perform exceptionally well against extreme weather conditions.”

The installation of asphalt roofs is a crucial period and only the best should be hired to undertake this process.  For more information on asphalt roofs and their installation in commercial buildings, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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