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Take the Steps Toward Better Roofing Safety

Roofing safety is crucial for everyone involved in the project whether they are the homeowner or contractor and whether they have zero or a lot of experience.  Even the smallest of jobs can turn difficult or tricky and can result in an accident if those involved are not prepared.

Securing an Improved Work Experience

Though roofing experts are obviously more prepared for potential hazards, they are still vulnerable to unexpected changes or mishaps.  DIY homeowners are just the same; no matter how much advice you get or prep work you do, there is always the chance that something could go wrong.

One of the biggest safety concerns is the state of the roof in ways that cannot be seen at first glance.  A roof may not be as strong as it looks and therefore unable to hold the weight of a single person, potentially breaking when it’s attempted.  Leaks in one area may be indicative of water damage elsewhere that may also weaken the roofing structure.

Even the temperature on that particular day can change the shape of the roof slightly; a little bend that the worker isn’t expecting could result in a trip and fall.  Each season has its own potential hazards that should be taken into consideration before attempting work as they can easily change from day to day, especially in areas which have more diverse and/or unpredictable weather conditions.

Many injuries come about as a result of rushing to begin a job and not securing equipment.  For example, many ladders are not placed properly; there is an ideal angle for the top and bottom and they should always been used with supervision, particularly if the user is not a professional and is not wearing other safety gear.

Something that seems obvious is to be aware of the roof spacing, particularly of the location of the edges.  Getting wrapped up in work can take the mind off of safety and can therefore result in falling.  Simply by being mindful of one’s surroundings, distraction and accidents can be prevented.  Also straight-forward is the fact that a roof with a steeper pitch will be more difficult to work on than one that is more flat, so safety equipment and training for different heights should be taken into account in all cases.

Make sure you or your team are prepared for anything when attempting any kind of roofing projects.  For advice, services, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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