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Solar Panels: Clean Energy with a Clean Look

Most who have solar panels installed on their property don’t set them up on the ground, but rather, station them on the roof.  Though solar power has been on the rise in the face of the country’s energy crisis, there are still a lot of homes that are reluctant to switch some of their energy source to the tiles.  Hopefully, with a new development that can set the panels into rooftops to match the pre-existing colors and materials so that they don’t stand out as much, more people will be interested.

Fit These Solar Panels into Your Aesthetic

Unfortunately, it has been issues of appearance and aesthetics that have made homeowners unwilling to bring solar panels onto their property.  There are other concerns, of course, such as cost and effectiveness, but the issue of visuals is being adjusted quickly to meet these needs.  A new kind of tile “is specially designed to fit seamlessly alongside standard residential and commercial roof tiles and is available in a range of colours to match existing roof coverings.”  This way, people who worried about how much solar panels might stand out on their roofs wouldn’t have to worry about that particular “problem.”

If these new solar panels can be easily integrated into current rooftops without sacrificing appearance or utility, there isn’t any reason that they shouldn’t be widely-installed, or at least widely-publicized.  The minds behind this innovation have said that it can be applied beyond a line of tiles and can actually be made into an entire roofing surface of its own for maximum power generation.  The tiles are also said to be “lightweight” enough to remove
“the need for any roof reinforcement,” simplifying the process even farther.

One of the other considerations you may not think of is how they may or may not fit in with older buildings and more historical locations, but the innovators seemed to have thought of that, too, and are apparently able to be used with “heritage” areas.  In these locales, there are regulations regarding keeping up with “the integrity of individual buildings and their local environment,” but these solar panels are said to adhere to those rules while providing clean power for them.

It’s exciting that there are these continuous developments in the production of solar panels, increasing their effectiveness while also boosting their appeal.  Hopefully this will help more people than ever to realize the necessity of clean power so that they will at least consider solar power for their homes and properties.  For information about getting a new roof or improving the energy efficiency of your home, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.  Our experts can assess your needs and address possible concerns in no time at all.

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