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Not sure what shingle will look best for your style of home? Here is a breakdown to help you out!

Victorian Homes

A Victorian Style home’s ornate designs and bold color choices are most complementary with slate-looking shingles. Regarding color, a bolder palette featuring colors such as reds, greens, or blended grays provides a strong contrast to the rest of the home’s color scheme and architecture. The following shingles are recommended for a Victorian style home:


  • Country Mansion
    Its scalloped-style tab shape will complement the ornate style of Victorian architecture.
  • Grand Slate
    Its slate look has clean lines that will provide some contrast to the detailed portfolio of the Victorian design.
  • Slateline
    Similar to Grand Slate, Slateline will also provide a clean, simple slate look that will help accent
    the ornate Victorian facade.

Colonial Homes

Colonial-style homes have a very square and typically more symmetrical look to them. This style is prevalent in the Northeast and Central areas, although it can be found anywhere in North America. The slate-look family of shingles is the best fit for this style (and is an indigenous roofing material that can be found in the Central and Northeast regions, where Colonial architecture is very popular). Darker colors such as grays and blacks with hints of red, blue, or other accents are a great fit for this type of home:

  • Grand Slate
    Its slate look provides a nice accent to a Colonial-style home, especially because slate is indigenous to the northern areas.
  • Slateline
    Similarly, shingle’s clean design emulates the look of slate – but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Camelot
    Its designer slate look creates dimensionality and a refined look on the roof while still maintaining the integrity of the overall building architecture.
  • Camelot II 
    An affordable luxury option – same great design as Camelot!

Tudor Homes

Tudor-style homes, with their steep-pitched roofs, are great for showing off an elegant roof style. They are typically found in the Northeast and Central areas and have muted tones on the front facade, accented with brown or gray cross-gables. When choosing your roof color, think about warm grays and browns that will complement the rest of the house.

  • Slateline
    The Tudor-style steeply pitched roof gives you the opportunity to make the roof a major part of the curb appeal of the home; Slateline is an ideal fit because of this.
  • Camelot
    This universal design can work well with this distinct architectural style. Camelot’s classic slate lines in warm color palette fit nicely with Tudor-style homes.

Craftsman Homes

Arguably one of the most popular architecture styles in the Western part of the United States, the Craftsman style looks great with wood-shake look shingles. Because of the style of these homes, the earth tones are a great match from a color perspective such as grays, greens, and lighter browns:

  • Timberline Shingles
    The popular wood-shake look of Timberline will match well with the architectural style of the Craftsman house; with a neutral color palette of browns, blacks, and grays, this shingle has many different color choices that will work well with this style home.
  • Grand Sequoia
    This western-style, dimensional shingle will add character to the Craftsman-style home. Again, the portfolio of colors available for this product will look great with the Craftsman-style home.
  • Grand Canyon 
    This is the premium wood-shake look for the Craftsman style, with its intense thick tabs and unique design.

Ranch Homes

This was one of the most dominant architectural styles in the United states from the 1960s through present-day architecture. Ranch-style homes are characterized by their one-story design with very low-pitched roofs and very long, spread-out floor plans. In most cases, the roof will be larger than that of a two-story home, so the roof can have a big impact on the look of the home. Both style and color choices are widespread, as this architectural style matches a large variety of shingle styles and colors. Regarding color, more neutral tones are safe bets for this home, including browns, blacks, and grays.

  • Grand Sequoia
    This shingle will give a distinct and very dimensional look to the roof, bringing better curb appeal to a more simplistic ranch design.
  • Grand Canyon
    For a premium solution, get this ultra-dimensional version – our premium wood-shake option.
  • Timberline Shingles
    The popular wood-shake look of Timberline will match well with the architectural style of the very versatile Ranch-style house; with a neutral color palettes of browns, blacks, and grays, this shingle has many different color choices that will work well with this home.


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