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Roof Replacement Dos and Don’ts

Thinking about getting a roof replacement? If so, there are a number of considerations that should be a part of the decision-making process in order to figure out exactly what you want and need, or even what is and isn’t allowed by local codes.

How to Get the Most out of Your Roof Replacement

Do you mind “conforming” to trends in the industry? Would you prefer to stand out as the only red, metal roof on the street, or do you want a more traditional design that will stand up to time? In choosing the style of your new roof, these are some of the questions that you want to be able to answer. A roofing contractor can do the work, but he or she doesn’t know what you want or what your preferences are unless you tell them.

Before going into business with any contractor, save time for both you and them by not only having some idea of what you’d like as the end result, but also what you’re looking for in a contractor. We’ve discussed before how to sort through all the “professionals” to find the best companies, so make sure that you know the warning signs of a scam beforehand. You don’t want to rush into a job without doing your due diligence first.

It’s possible, and even likely, that you’ll need a permit before doing any roof replacement work. If it’s your chosen contractor’s job to acquire this permit,then make sure they go about the process the right way so you don’t run into legal trouble down the road. Do a search and find out what the process is and if it’s even required so that you and your contractor both know what needs to be done.

Even if the job seems to be going perfectly, make sure that you “get everything in writing.” Anyone can make a mistake, but not everyone is willing to own up to it. If your contractor promises to do something and then doesn’t, though you paid for it, you should have had a work plan drawn out before the roof replacement that you can show as proof. Such mistakes can be costly and you don’t want to pay the price for someone else’s slip-up, intentional or otherwise.

Finally, keep in mind that this is your roof. It is the structure above your head that keeps you and your home from the harm of the elements. To avoid major costs down the road and to keep everyone safe, don’t skimp on your roof replacement. You want to make sure that this job is done right, so really put time and effort into the process from beginning to end.

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