Roof Maintenance Tips

No matter what type of roof you have, it is always important to keep up with roof maintenance to protect your home. Doing so will ensure that your home stays protected from harsh weather, water and energy leaks, and other costly repairs. Consider keeping a schedule and performing roof maintenance about every six months, perhaps at the same time you clean your gutters. Performing checks and repairs every fall and spring is ideal, as the weather is less extreme and it gives you time to make roofing repairs before the cold of winter or the heat of summer sets in.

The first step to maintaining your roof is to take a look around. Always keep safety in mind and hire a professional at any sign of danger. It is always important to set your ladder on solid, level ground. Take note of all repairs that need to be completed so that you can alert your roofing contractor when you’re done.

  • Look for missing, curling or damaged shingles. This is the first and easiest thing to do when you are checking your roof. If one or two shingles are missing, you might be able to replace them yourself, as long as you know what you are doing. If not, contact a professional, as they can always ensure that their work is done correctly.
  • Ensure weatherproofing is intact. Doing this will keep your attic dry. If any water gets through the flashes, mold or mildew may accumulate in the attic and might be hard to treat.
  • Check for rust. This is a very important step, as rust will spread when it comes in contact with water and moisture. Identifying and repairing rust can prevent further problems and costly repairs.
  • Look for signs of algae or fungus. Cleaning away algae and fungus will keep your roof in top-shape while ignoring them can create further problems. It is always important to stay away from power washers when cleaning the roof as they may lift shingles and create further damage.
  • Check all caulking to ensure there are no cracks and repair small cracks if possible.
  • Sweep off any leaves, branches, or debris, as they tend to collect moisture and may clog gutters.
  • Trim branches around roof to deter animals from nesting. Heavy branches will also damage the roof’s structure.
  • Search for warps or dents and alert your roofing contractor if any are found.
  • Ensure soffits and fascia, the areas of roof overhang, are in good shape. This will prevent animals and moisture from entering your home. If you notice that the soffits and/or fascia are damaged, contact your roofing contractor and get this problem taken care of immediately.

By following these simple roof maintenance tips, you will save money and stay on top of issues before they become huge problems.


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