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How To Plan for Residential Roofing Installation

Replacing the roofing on your home may seem daunting, but at Cox Roofing we make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. After you consult with our staff, decide upon the details of your new roof, and set a date for installation, the process will begin. While our staff works hard to ensure your satisfaction and ease you through the process, there are some things you can do to ensure a smooth residential roofing installation.

Helpful Preparations for Homeowners:

1.Remove any lawn ornaments, planters, or any other valuable garden accessory.
While we strive to protect things around your home during installation, it is always a good idea to place delicate things inside while the work is being done.

2.Ensure children and pets are inside or away from the home.
For the safety of your loved ones, make sure no one is playing outside during installation. Debris can fall into your yard and surrounding area and these items can be sharp and dangerous.

3. Move vehicles from driveways and parking pads.
Our staff will need to set up equipment very close to the house during installation and vehicles will block the way and be in harm’s way if kept near the house.

4. Ensure all fans are turned off.
You don’t want dust and small particles of debris to be pulled into your home. During construction, keep in mind to turn all fans off. This includes attic fans. To ensure protection for any valuables in the attic, consider covering them with a tarp or a sheet.

5.Alert contractors about specifics for your property. 
If doors lock automatically or gates are specifically to be kept shut, let the contractor know. At Cox Roofing, your satisfaction is our guarantee and we want to be sure we know the in’s and out’s of your property. Now is also the time to tell the contractor if you want workers to have access to a bathroom or if you’d prefer them to stay outside.

6. Prepare for noise.
Roof installations can be very noisy, so any children or pets with noise sensitivity may be bothered during this process.

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