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Liquid Roofing Works for You

Ever heard of liquid roofing?  Unless you have a commercial property, then likely not.  Still, it has a rich history and is highly effective in forming a membrane that has “technical and financial benefits,” and if you have commercial roofing to be done, then consider this popular roof type.

A Fluid Choice for a Strong Roof

“The first liquid coatings used in a waterproofing capacity would have been natural bitumen and date back to biblical times.  Boats were waterproofed using bitumen. Natural bitumen in conjunction with various types of fillers (sand etc) was used as roof waterproofing as early as the 1820s… It was not until the 1910-1920 period that bitumen waterproofing moved into the factory.”  Obviously, this form of roofing has a long history and has changed greatly over time, but it’s proven itself as a durable solution and is still used today in commercial locations.

Liquid roofing is exploding onto the industry scene and has served as as reliable material.  Its creation “involves the application of a monolithic, fully bonded, liquid based coating to a roof.”  This rubber membrane that is ultimately formed is highly pliable, adaptable, and can stand up easily to weather of all kinds once secured.  Because it is so variable, it can be applied to “felt, asphalt, bitumen, and concrete,” among other types of surfaces.

Why consider liquid roofing?  Some of the recorded benefits include that it is cost-effective, as it can be as much as 70% less expensive than other roofing types to replace and has the potential to last for up to 25 years.  Also, the process of installation doesn’t involve “hot works,” and is therefore much safer than some other methods of application.  This prevents injury, of course, and also liability and/or insurance issues as a result.  On the subject of safety, liquid roofing “seals the asbestos, therefore making disturbance of the material more difficult” if there is any present underneath, which limits the high damage potential of asbestos.

Cox Roofing has an attention to detail and has the results to give you confidence.  When you hire our roofing professionals to do a job, you can count on it being done in a timely manner and to the highest caliber.  Cox has experience in liquid roofing and a dozen other types, so that you can discuss the benefits with our workers while exploring the options that might work best for your commercial or residential property.  For advice, services, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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Cox Roofing is a full-service, certified roofing contractor providing residential and commercial roofing services to the state of Maryland, with particular focus on Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County and Howard County. We pride ourselves on our personalized service which transforms your property into the residence or business of your dreams. Get in touch for your free estimate today.

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