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HVAC System Can Threaten Roofing Integrity

If you do commercial roofing work, you likely know at least some of how HVAC system units affect the space. It’s possible that these large, powerful units can actually do enough damage to the integrity of the roof just through their installation, along with some other factors.

Is Your Commercial HVAC System Working?

Most to all buildings need an HVAC system whether the property is commercial or residential. The heavy-duty units are typically located up on the roof, humming away to keep things comfortable inside. Unfortunately, they can also spell out trouble for the roof itself if a number of conditions are not met.

“Technicians who are not properly trained to locate concerns with the roof in addition to the unit may miss important signs that a well-trained tech would know signal the potential for a leak.” That is, if the HVAC tech who installed the unit or who was called upon to inspect it doesn’t identify a potential problem, it can mean huge issues later on. These issues are often costly and time consuming. To try and head this off, see if you can have a roofing contractor come by along with the technician so that both of them, with their individual experiences and knowledge, can check the system’s status.

Something that not everyone knows is that you can’t walk on all parts of the roof. If there are a lot of people traveling up there for whatever reason, be it for an inspection or otherwise, make sure that they know where to (and not to) stand. Repeated weight in certain areas can do damage over time and can be easily avoided.

As discusses previously, moisture is a huge problem, particularly on a commercial roof, which is typically flat. Standing water can wear down and erode the surface of the roof resulting in serious leaks inside. HVAC systems need to be maintained to ensure that it isn’t pooling, as will happen if it’s malfunctioning. Prevent condensation and avoid problematic moisture with these regular inspections.

“Some facility managers find that they have to repair the same leaks over and over again, only to realize that the problem lies within how the unit was installed in the first place.” This would obviously be a huge issue, particularly if resources have been spent to fix a leak to no avail. Make sure to get in touch with a professional roofing contractor, such as Cox Roofing, so that they can ascertain that the HVAC system has been properly installed on your commercial roof.

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