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Hot Weather Protection with These Roofs

You may not be thinking about hot weather or anything related to it in the first month of the year, but after a warm December and constant predictions surrounding El Niño, it’s possible that you may have.  With predictions flooding in that have been warning of a scorching 2016, it’s worth the time and effort to look into how your roof and roofing material holds up against hot weather.

Choose to Be Cool in the Hot Weather

Depending on where you live, you may feel the effects of the hot weather very differently.  Even so, a little thought and preparation can go a long way, particularly if you haven’t thought about the state of your roof in some time.  For example, can you name off the top of your head what kind of material makes up the surface of the roof?  If not, get in touch with your roofing expert and find out; it’s a good place to start.

One of the most widely-used type of roofing material is slate because of its sturdy nature, variety of shades, and ability to withstand a large number of weather conditions (including hot weather) due to its “natural durability.” The multiple color options allow for you to choose one in the lighter spectrum to prevent a lot of the sun’s rays from being an additional source of heat for your home.  Terracotta is also a good option that can best deal with the warmth for a lot of the same reasons as slate: lighter colors, good heat absorption, etc.  Also, because this material is created by being baked in an oven, they’re hard enough to have a solid endurance.

Similar to both slate and terracotta are concrete tiles.  They have the same benefits, but may be more affordable than some of the other choices.  Interestingly, “the heat resistance of the concrete tiles can be increased,” so you can even improve upon this substance if its absorption isn’t doing good enough of a job.  White flat tile is a “lighter” alternative to concrete, which “combine durability with the ability to reflect light and heat due to their bright color.”  If you’ve ever had white tiles inside your home as floors or other surfaces, then you know that they become (and look) dirtier than darker materials.  This may deter some homeowners from this choice as maintenance is needed to keep the tiles reflecting light as well as they can (AKA, doing their job).

Sometimes, you may choose to install a roofing type that is built with more of a focus on reflecting the sun, rather than minimizing absorption.  Metal roofing, which is currently very popular, has “less maintenance involved” and “cools down faster at night,” both of which are boons toward this choice in hot weather.  It is typically a little pricier than other options, but if money isn’t an issue, this should definitely be a consideration.

There are a number of other materials available that can help to beat the heat; peruse them now and speak with an expert to determine which may be the best for you before winter leads to spring, spring leads to summer, and your home is hotter than ever.  For more information on hot weather roofing, or for advice, services, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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