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Hail Damage Can Cause Leaks and More

Though it may seem late in the season to talk about hail damage, you may recall that within the past month, there was snow.  In Maryland, weather is highly unpredictable all year round.  That’s why you should make sure to know how to protect your roof from any potential assaults, including the potentially-large problem of hail.

Choose the Right Roof to Avoid Hail Damage

It’s entirely possible that you will witness a surprise hailstorm in the month of April.  That means it’s entirely possible that your home will come under fire from hail damage in mid-spring.  If you have a roof that was installed fairly recently, it may be in danger from these heavy-hitters if they fall from the sky (potentially at speeds “up to 100 mph”).  If you have an older roof and have been considering a replacement, keep in mind that the type of material that you get for the new roof could make a difference in the threat that hail poses.

Though you perhaps shouldn’t consider a type of roofing material only for its effectiveness against hail, if there are no other real considerations at play, then it’s worth investigating.  For example, concrete tiles are less aesthetically pleasing, but are more durable, while their clay counterparts are just the opposite.  Many of the more hardy types of roofing materials are more resistant to possible hail damage, but they generally won’t look as nice as some of the other (but weaker) alternatives.  Metal is an option that’s easy to discount, considering how easily it could be damaged by the hard pelt of hail, denting it or worse over time.

Have you ever heard of “modified asphalt shingles?”  They “generally hold up well in hail storms” because they “can be a rubber type compound or a plasticizer:” that is, they’re both flexible and durable.  This may be the best option, as other hail-proof coverings, like slate, are too heavy for many roofs.  Speak with roofing experts to determine which option is best for you and your home to avoid hail damage both inside and out.

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