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Cedar Roof Shakes Can Suit Your Needs

Aesthetic is a big part of roofing choice for many, but it isn’t the only factor of consideration.  Once you decide what kind of look you want, you have to then work through the variables of price, durability, longevity, and others.  If you’ve been considering cedar roof shakes in particular, take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks before making a choice.

The Pros and Cons of Cedar Roof Shakes and Shingles

“With cedar roofing, most homeowners find the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.”  Still, don’t fall into the “most” category: arm yourself with facts so that you can be as informed as possible to get the most for your money (and for your home).

Some of the benefits of this type of residential roofing include:

  • Visual appeal
  • Reliably sturdy
  • Stands up well to storms
  • Saves money on heating and cooling

Though they might not be to everyone’s tastes, cedar roof shakes as a cover for your house have a particular kind of charm to how they look in addition to the other advantages.  For example, it’s known for how long it lasts (said to stand strong for a decade or longer than other materials).  Whether you live in an area of mild weather or severe storms, cedar roof shakes offer protection for your home.

They also can provide a sort of guarantee for your wallet, too.  Similar to other types of roofing materials, cedar roof shakes are an energy efficient choice to lower heating and cooling costs.  It works as a “natural insulation,” dropping utility costs and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your house.

Of course, everything has a cost in one form or another.  In the case of cedar roof shakes and shingles, there are the factors of cost and care.  “Cedar roofs require regular maintenance to prevent moss, mold and mildew growth,” but luckily, there have been products created to prevent this growth to make your job easier.  There isn’t an easy way out of the price, but it’s worth it to ensure that your roof will keep you and your family safe for years to come.

Consider all of your options, including price range and local weather patterns, and then talk to your roofing experts of choice in order to ensure you have the best protection.  Though you may not need a roof replacement at the moment, it’s always good to prepare for the future, to know what you might want ahead of time in order to make an educated decision when you need to.  If you want to learn more about cedar roof shakes and to have your home assessed to see if this is the type for you, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.  Our experts can assess your needs and address possible concerns in no time at all.

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