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Beach House Roof Construction

This summer, you may have spent some time at the beach, soaking up the sun, enjoying the vacation time. If you were renting or staying in someone else’s home, you may have also been wishing that you had your own local spot so that you could spend as much time by the shore as possible. If you decide to build or buy a beach house, remember that a beach house roof has to go through different conditions than those not on the coast.

Metal a Solid Choice for Beach House Roof

It isn’t difficult to imagine why a person might want a beachfront home, but there are also risks associated with building in a space that’s often exposed to high winds and rough waters. Other threats include ” moisture-fraught air, bright sunlight, strong winds, and saltwater corrosion.”  These aren’t reasons to be afraid of building, but you do need to take them into consideration when planning, or hire a company used to working in these conditions.

For now, we’ll focus on the construction of the roof. A beach house roof is best off made of metal, which is highly durable, water-resistant, and reflective of the sun. Asphalt in particular isn’t a great choice in this climate and is less able “to resist rot, mildew, wind, and termites” than metal. Though it may not be the style you’re looking for, you should at least consider it for these benefits alone, and there are a variety of appearances and colors to choose from within this material to accommodate your personal wishes for the home.

A deterrent to some might be the higher cost, as compared with some shingles, but the metal will pay for itself  as it outlives other roofing types and even potentially lowers your cooling costs. There are enough choices within this material, too, to allow some wiggle room within your budget.

You can also consider copper, slate, and a few additional choices. Speak with a local, roofing professional in order to determine how to construct both the sturdiest and most cost-effective beach house possible. For answers to all of your roofing questions, get in touch with Cox Roofing.

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