A Thorough Inspection to Prevent Leaks

Extreme weather is a possibility in all seasons.  A single storm can do enormous and lasting damage to a roof, but it can also start small and grow to be a big issue if it begins as a leak.  Because many homeowners have a roof installed and then don’t give it another thought, many leaks can go unnoticed until the damage has been done.

Keep the Weather Outside

Be conscious of your roof and the potential for leaks all throughout the year.  There are a number of areas on and around the roofing that are at higher risk for water damage than others and being aware of these places and of what to do when you find them can make a huge difference.  Barriers that prevent leaks should be installed at “valleys, side walls, penetrations, chimneys, dormers, and eaves,” some of the major parts and slopes on top of the home.

Flashing, which are sheets of metal used to waterproof, should cover any joints on the roof, such as where pipes or other protrusions travel up and out and intersect the shingles.  You also want to ensure that there is some kind of protection beneath the shingles so that wind-driven rain does not find its way underneath and into the attic.

Skylights provide a great light source and appeal, but can be problematic if they are older and if their seals are not holding up against the weather.  Also, snow can pile up on their exteriors and create pressure or cracks and then melt inside once the temperature increases.

There are a number of ways that water can find its way into your house from up above; make sure that you don’t make it easy by sealing and prepping your roof.  Contact the professionals for the jobs that you are not comfortable with or cannot perform safely and they will help to prevent leaks at your house.  For advice, services, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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