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Summer Roofing Checklist

It’s summer time—time for outdoor activities and vacations. It’s also time for roof maintenance! Roof maintenance is crucial if your roof is going to withstand hot summer weather and storms. Your summer roofing checklist should include cleaning, inspection, and removal of any potential hazard that may interfere with your roof. While some may opt to do this by themselves, it’s always advisable to contact a professional to carry out roof maintenance, and this is where Cox Roofing in Carroll County comes in handy.

Summer Roofing Checklist

Clean the roof. Carefully remove any accumulated debris like bird nests, tree leaves, branches, moss, algae, and dirt from the previous season. Dirt in particular can clog your gutter and sometimes cause it to collapse. This task is best done in the mornings when it is less hot during summer.

Inspect your roof. After cleaning the roof, the next process is the inspection. Check for any cracks; leaks on the roof caused by rainwater; or broken, loose, or missing shingles dislodged by high winds. Fixing cracks requires expert professionals who will fix it on time, enabling you to save in the long term by avoiding other numerous and unnecessary costs for repair and maintenance. A qualified roofing company in Carroll County will check for any loose metal strips which are usually found around the ridge, vents, and chimneys. You don’t have to wait for them to completely deteriorate for you to replace them, and should instead do it when conducting summer roof maintenance to save on potential future costs.

Trim the trees. Trees can provide much needed shade in the hot summer months, however, overhanging limbs quickly become dangerous when they break during thunderstorms and high winds. It is wise to cut down overhanging tree limbs when conducting summer roof maintenance to minimize your risk of excessive roof damage.

Need Assistance With Your Roofing Maintenance?

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