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Roof Leaks Require Quick Action

Roof leaks should be taken care of as quickly as possible. Why? Because that water can overwhelm you before you know it, doing damage not only to the roofing system, including underlayment, but also to the interior of your house.

How to Identify Possible Roof Leaks

If you can do so safely, then you should take a trip up to your attic to see if the leak is visible from there. If it is, then you’ll have a better, more concrete idea of the extent of the problem and can better report it to your chosen roofer. “Especially in winter, this condensation can lead to mold and mildew,” so contact a contractor as soon as possible to ensure that you can easily mitigate the damage.

The attic may not reveal anything, though, so you might have to head outside and take a look around the exterior walls in order to get a better sense from where the roof leaks are coming from. One such possibility is that your gutters are the culprits, particularly if they are clogged with debris from the trees. If this has backed up the gutter system, then they need to be cleared out, or the overflowing liquid could find its way inside your home.

There are a handful of other possible locations for your roof leaks, of course. Some include vents, chimneys, and skylights, and each can be fully attended to by a roofing contractor if you get in touch with one before too long. Even if you think it’s only a small leak, it can turn into a much bigger, more expensive issue if left unattended.

Finally, keep in mind that some of your own actions may end up accidentally causing leaks. As an example, walking on your shingles may crack them and provide entry to water. For a company that can safely and expertly handle a leaking rooftop, get in touch with Cox Roofing. You’ll be able to work with a business that has your best interests in mind and which has over thirty years of experience.

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