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Roof Inspection: What is Involved?

A roof inspection is a cost-effective and preventive task to ensure the structural integrity of your home’s roof. Twice a year, visually inspect the roof for cracked caulk, missing or broken shingles that can potentially expose the sub base to the elements, damage to the chimney cap, or moss growth. If you notice any major issues, contact your local roofer for a more detailed inspection.

Professional Roof Inspection Process

A roof inspection by a professional roofing company should contain the following steps:

  • Walk-through of your home. The roof is part of a complex system, so a contractor will walk through the house and evaluate ceilings, walls, and attic areas for any internal evidence of damage.
  • Full exterior inspection. The professional will then go up onto the roof to check for wear and tear. They will have a keen eye for signs of leaks, ice dams, as well as check to see if any roof shingles need to be replaced or repaired. It’s very common for an inspector to report missing shingles, broken tiles, damaged flashings, or open seams.
  • Inspection of your gutters. While on the roof, a qualified inspector will also assess your gutters. Improper installation or warped metal can cause drainage problems that can lead to structural damage.

If you notice any of these problems, then it is best to call Cox Roofing. While many savvy homeowners will be able to replace minor issues, more complicated work should be done with the help of a professional inspector and repairer.

Contact Cox Roofing

Cox Roofing is your go-to source for residential and commercial roof maintenance and design. If you are looking fora roofing company in Pasadena, Cox Roofing is a certified contractor providing roofing services to the greater Baltimore area. We pride ourselves in the customer satisfaction from the initial stages of the inspection process all the way to the final installation. Contact us to learn more.

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