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Roof Inspection Process After a Storm

This is a stormy season for a lot of areas. The early fall is considered to be hurricane season, but there are also a lot of thunderstorms that kick up this time of year (not to mention a possible first snowfall, in some places). Whatever the weather, if there’s a storm, then you should know how to safely carry out a roof inspection to determine if a contractor needs to be called.

Call a Professional for Your Post-Storm Roof Inspection

Before you call a professional, there are a few steps that you can take yourself to try and see how extensive the damage is, if there is any. Start up in the attic, where you should look to see if there is any light “showing through the plywood decking, which may indicate serious holes in need of repair.” Also, you want to keep an eye out for sagging parts of the roof above, or streaks/stains that you can see from within.

Are you able to see any parts of your roof from the ground? Probably, if you take a few steps back. If this is the case, then take a walk around the perimeter to try and spot any of the following: damaged, missing, or broken shingles, debris (like branches, etc.), “dark patches” on shingles, and/or misplaced or damaged flashing (which is located around the chimney or similar items on the roof). If everything looks normal, then you should be fine. If you see any of the above, though, then you may want to call in an expert for a professional roof inspection.

Though you may own a ladder, that doesn’t mean you should climb up on the roof for further, personal investigation. A contractor will have the training and experience needed to do this safely, but you could get seriously injured trying to do the same. Don’t risk your health by taking a trip up to the roof!

To have one of our professional contractors come and look over your roof and the surrounding area, get in touch with Cox Roofing. You’ll be able to work with a business that has your best interests in mind and which has over thirty years of experience.

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