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Gutter Guard Keeps Your Gutters Leaf-Free

While gutter guard manufacturers claim to have “pioneered” the gutter protection industry in the recent past, the truth of the matter is that the gutter protection concept was introduced shortly after the invention of the gutters themselves. Patent applications for gutter protection date back into the 19th century and the quest for the “perfect” gutter guard has been an ongoing effort ever since.

The introduction of that technology was not in vain, as it brought forth the gutter protection awareness that almost every property owner now possesses. The importance of the need for a product to protect gutters was undeniable.

At the turn of the current century, a new technology was developed and introduced by RHINO Gutter Guard’s founder – micro-mesh. This technology reinvented the gutter protection industry and new interest by property owners in a potential “permanent solution” was born.

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RHINO Gutter Guard - Cox Roofing

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