Avoid a Flood with Clean Gutters

When it rains, it pours; when it pours, you may notice a deluge over the side of your house.  These little waterfalls can cause damage if they encourage leaks within the home and are more often than not a result of some kind of blockage above, in the gutters.

Put Your Mind Back in the Gutter

Leaks are not only difficult to deal with in the moment, but can leave water stains that are difficult to remove.  Frequently, leaves, sticks, and other debris gather in the gutters above, eventually filling enough to prevent them from doing their job and safely leading the water off of the roof.  However, regular upkeep and maintenance can assure clean gutters and prevent these and other issues from developing.

A cleaning should be done around twice a year, though checking more often on the state of the gutters will make the process easier (particularly following, say, a big storm).  The homeowner should always make sure to dress properly for the cleaning, wearing gloves and long sleeves to prevent hands and arms from any possibly sharp and dangerous objects within the debris from causing injury. Also, take care when positioning the ladder; if it rests too much against the structure of the gutters, it may damage them or result in accidents and injury.

Another precaution to keep in mind is that, while cleaning, a lot of the fragments will fall out and onto the ground below, the space which may have other, healthy plants growing.  To prevent branches and the rest from bogging down the greenery below, lay some kind of sheet or plastic cover beneath to catch whatever falls during your work.  If you have one, bringing a cart or wheelbarrow just beneath you will speed up the process; you can throw most of the blockage down into it and easily move it away for disposal.

Clean gutters are easy to achieve; after disposing of the heavy debris, a small brush can be used to scrub out whatever is stuck on the inside of the gutter.  If a hose can reach safely up to your position, you can use the strength of the jet of water to clear away anything that may be left lining the gutter.  In order to prevent further issues, there are a number of mesh and other sorts of covers that can prevent leaves and such from entering the gutter and which gather them for easier removal.

When going into any roofing project you want to work with a professional to assure the highest quality work and to prevent any accidents, particularly if your house is two or three stories.  For advice, services, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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