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Dry Rot Eats Away at Your Roofing System

Dry rot is an issue caused by fungus that can eat away at the wood structure of your roof as time goes on. However, if you can identify it early in the process, then a roofer can be called in to remedy the situation before it costs you too much.

Why You Should Address Dry Rot Right Away

This is a fairly common problem, but you might not think of it, since it typically happens “behind the scenes.” You obviously wouldn’t be up looking at your roof very often, and so you may not actually notice the dry rot having started to do some damage, particularly if it’s early on.

The name “dry rot” is a little misleading, though, since fungus typically needs moisture to thrive. It also does better in the dark, so if you notice a leak in, say, the attic, this is a good place to check. Also: basements, crawlspaces, and “the floor around a tub or toilet” are other potential risk areas. Outdoors, you want to look at window sills, downspouts, and gutters, which could also develop cases of dry rot.

If you do, in fact, see signs of this rot, then you should try and redirect the water that may be causing it. However, don’t put yourself at risk in going up to the roof to try and take care of this. Always hire a professional roofer to ensure that you’re staying safe. “If the wood is still structurally sound and the source of the moisture has been stopped, you can treat the area with borate, a fungicide, to stop the growth of the fungus and protect the wood from further damage.”

Proper ventilation in your attic and throughout the house is a good way to prevent dry rot from becoming an issue. Speak with your chosen contractor to see how you can prevent future fungal growth. To hire a company that can perform this task with ease without breaking the bank, get in touch with Cox Roofing. You’ll be able to work with a business that has your best interests in mind and which has over thirty years of experience.

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