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Ventilation Crucial Between Attic and Roof

Do you know the value of good ventilation in your attic for your roof? Without it, there can be minor problems that grow into major ones over time and even which threaten your safety or the integrity of the roof.

How to Create Good Ventilation

So, what makes ventilation such an important piece of roof maintenance? It begins in the attic, where most of this work would be done. Providing clear paths of air flow prevent the growth of things like mold and mildex, which thrive in stuffy spaces. “Reducing moisture buildup” can help to prevent a score of possible issues in the future.

It’s nearly winter, so this next one is especially true: having a well-ventilated attic can prevent the buildup of ice dams as snow falls and melts on the roof. It can also “extend the life of your shingles” in the summertime, making this an important piece of maintenance for all seasons.

There are a handful of different kinds of jobs that you could undertake in order to improve the air flow between your attic and roof. It all depends on your home type and the issues you are having, so know, going into the project, that there won’t be a single solution that works across the board.

Depending on what kind of materials you choose, boosting your ventilation efforts can be both inexpensive and easy. It’s one thing to work within the attic, though, and another to climb onto the roof, so be sure to take safety precautions or to hire a professional before attempting the latter.

Another safety considering is the physical health concern of breathing in hazardous materials. Always cover your mouth (as part of the rest of your safety routine) to keep from inhaling dangerous chemicals that can be found in certain types of insulation. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, particularly when it comes to roofing and home improvement jobs, so do your research and speak to a professional at least about the materials used before you begin any job.

The best way to go about roof snow removal is to contact a professional so that you don’t risk a fall on an icy ladder or roofing surface. Get in touch with Cox Roofing: you’ll be able to work with a business that has your best interests in mind and which has over thirty years of experience.

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